Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Terrorist Bold

How do you beat the United States Military?

You hit them in the cohesion, and you pound until you reach their precious, little, morale. You don't have to have any weapons or even true intent, just resolve to observe reality. Everyone is capable of, and probably guilty of, this treasonous debauchery except of course true Republicans.

The "Divine Right" in simply incapable of knowingly sinning. Even in such a rare and impossible circumstance where they might have, uh, made better choices, oh yes such weakness is the direct result of their wretched humanity which is instamatically nullified upon repentance. Sadly, the "Divine Left" is equally as "touched" and equally convinced of their own righteousness.

Seriously, why don't people scoff when in just 3 weeks an evangelical minster goes from white party troll hole "back" to perfect child of god. Oh wait, people do scoff, and nobody believes him. Just imagine what happens if his blood work comes back reactive! Seriously, sad.

Terrorism is relative and comes in every shape, size, density, latitude, and sort. It also comes in every variety of good and evil. Is Luke Skywalker a terrorist?

Terrorist fight. That is their nature, and their weakness. It is nothing new: a pack of wolves can terrorize a bear. Can you stop a wolf from being a wolf? Hell no. Would the wolves rather kill cows? Hell yes. Is a wolf a terrorist? Hell superposition.

These human terrorist are fighting for the dominion of our souls. I know it sounds dramatic but it's true. The problem is, "us" non-terrorist also happen to have a "DOS" claim. Now I know that we espouse "freedom" of religion, but only as long as your "beliefs" don't threaten our stake, see. But you can't wage WAR with the United States military for God. That would be crazy.

But the Vice-President himself "emboldened" the terrorist to bomb a US Military base he was visiting. The terrorist bombed the place just because he was there. "Unfortunately" the greater analogy was lost on our leadership. Not even reality can infringe on their enthusiasm for WAR. Of course, HE probably won't go back, but that's just a security issue.

I am slowly realizing that the emptiness I feel is not coming from inside. I find it in our leadership, where power and money are an end in themselves. I find it in our philosophy which seems reactive and rehashed. I find it in our language that seems destined for lingoistic oblivion. I find it in our economy which could (will) all become worthless in a few seconds - because of how somebody, somewhere, feels about a glitch in something. I find it in our dreams and desires - all cleverly crafted by campaigns to manipulate, exploit, and sustain want. I find it in the prescribed solution - to wallow on your belly for your deity. I find it in our science, which serves ONLY profit as master (R)(TM)(C)(P). I find it in our law, which delivers policy as justice. I find it in our art, which seems to be done. I find it in our relationships, where shallow is real progress. I find it in our fight which "regretfully" we must pursue with all necessary force until somebody offers "a better solution". I find it in our rhetoric which is one big spider-hole.

For some reason today I am alive with the fullness of the transcendental emptiness that is humanity. The monster in me sees this whole thing "filled" with tragically empty hilariousness. No wonder Jerry Springer is rich. David Letterman will never run out of stupid human tricks. Ha Ha Ha, HA HA HA, Ha Ha Ha.

You know what's really funny? You know what makes us really different? Nothing. We're all different like blades of grass. Why can't we all just mow along? You whack my weed, I'll whack yours.

Hmmmm. Let's see, locked in place, restrained, confined, observed, trapped, misled, ignored. Exactly who doesn't feel this way? Since we aren't precisely sure about true Dominion, imprisonment of the soul will have to do.

"All I wanted was a Pepsi." And now I understand: that is crazy.