Monday, March 20, 2006


There is always a better solution than fighting.

Fighting is wrong. Is that what we teach the children?

Our leaders have lied to us, are lying to us now, will lie to us again, and have absolutely no doubt that their superior status grants this exclusive right, and moreover, that never do they intend to either reveal the truth or in fact stop what they are doing.

They are not lying about blow jobs, or the number of shoes in the closet. They are not lying about smoking weed or social plans. They are lying about weapons, murders, tortures, spying, stealing, lying, and most of all intentionally hurting innocents.

It's a pattern that is quite typical; a few greedy, power hungry, chameleon-like white guys usurp a church/town/company and immediately begin exploiting everyone they can. The most recognizable feature of these leeches is the inability to question their own rhetoric. I've taken to calling them false prophets.

Today I watched the Vice-President of our United States say that the media was the reason for the negative perception of the WAR. There is no doubt in my mind that he whole-heartedly believes that usually WAR is good. I mean, this little thing here has been a very profitable venture from the start for him and almost all of his friends. In many, many, ways.

When I went back home for Thanksgiving, I was confronted with the idea that only Republicans could be Christians. As I glibly dismissed what had to be a joke, the room fell silent and my sister-in-law said very clearly "no you have to live what is right". I sat there in shock for a second and nobody said anything. They all just sort of looked at me uncomfortably. What was just a lively conversation now reduced to chewing noises. All the words running through my head, but none of them quite fit.. "I don't remember Jesus telling anyone who to vote for." I feel so sorry for them down there, their lives saturated with this relentless and oppressive drivel.

A system where every part is directly controlled by the "top" is called a dominion. Either you do as you are told without question or you are replaced. In real-world effects, creating a culture of exploitation and callousness. Add a good measure of fear, confusion, and oh yes righteousness and you got yourself some real fine sheep. Lousy schools ensure many generations of customers.

One massive organized group a while back took almost total control of the nations power grid at which time they started raising prices just to see how high they could go. Now in my book, messing with the power grid infrastructure at the expense of Americans is terrorism of the highest order. You are messing with Grandma's heat. Do not even get me started on Grandma's health care....

If the terrorist realize they can just put on a suit and get a job running a power plant, we are doomed. America is prime territory for a hostel takeover. I'm sure if you have $9,000,000,000,000 we have some lovely accommodations.

My idea is to sell advertising space on the American Flag, or perhaps on the money. You know, "At Costco we buy", "By Exxon we drive", "In AT&T we live" kind of stuff. Maybe then we could have faith in the right corporations.

So we put a liar in charge and he put the cronies all around and then we act all surprised when they seriously screw up, and just don't mention it. A lie of omission is still a lie. Oh I'M being too harsh? Fine. Hand picked, dissembled, and reconstituted data is not information and to portray it as such is harmful and perhaps traitorous to America.

And I feel fine.

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Don Lehman said...

Thanks for hanging tough!