Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spare Change

"Weaponized Latent Analysis" is the most surprising thing to me personally that has "changed" over the last five years. Here is a great post. Of course, countermeasures will create a whole new and bothersome level of abstraction in a pseudo-science, which I find very entertaining.

"Deity Brinksmanship". This is so pathetically sad I deleted my rant and just cried instead. It's not new. My deity brings the souls to the yard, and their deaths are better than yours, damn right, they're better than yours! I could teach you, but I have to consume your will. I mean, aren't there enough ways to die without the need to go around making them up?

"Human Dignity" is a concept that our President of the United States needs to clarify. It's not a concept he will ever grasp. Imagine that we treat the "terrorist" the same way we treat you, George.

"Disinformation Agenda" is now a standard policy of the powerful to mislead. We all know that transparency, honesty, is security. Opaqueness is frail, requires trust, and invites corruption. Obfuscation, interference, and manipulation are the roots of the "neo dark age". You won't be happy without us!

"Giggleticians" are people who say outrageous things on TV as fact followed by a eerie grin, giggle or snort. Examples: "The «insert any» indicators are doing great! (hehe)", "This «insert any» will save poor people money. (grin)", oh "They are weak on «insert any»! (snort)".

"Quantizing Reality" - it is in your mind. We know that we don't really know what the fuck is happening but we know it's more than we think - just not much. I think, therefore, you are.

"Love Energy". Communicate, communicate, communicate. Especially when it hurts. The choice to care is the true gift of being human. Yes it is risky and difficult. Yes it can be harmful. Yes it can make all this mean something.

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